Colditz links



Here are the descriptions of some Colditz-related websites. Some websites have already been mentioned on other pages but for completeness they are included in the list. You can open the website in question by clicking the info button in front of the description. All websites are in English only, unless otherwise stated.


Official website of Colditz Town, including tourist information (mainly in German, partially in English).

Website of the Colditz Castle Community (both in German and English).

Website of Anthony Anderson, son of a British ex-prisoner of Colditz.

Website of Stefan de Batselier.

Website of Tony Cutcliffe.

Website of David Dunn.

Website of Roger Harris.

Website of Gavin Worrell.

Colditz page on the website of Mike Kemble.

Colditz page on the website of Mark Mawtus.

Colditz pages on the website of Paul Dean.

Colditz pages on the website of Ron Taylor.

Colditz pages on the website of Philippe Pallu, son of a French ex-prisoner of Colditz (mainly in French, partially in English).

Colditz page on an internet encyclopedia.

Weblog of Don Bruce ("SandiaManSays") with several items about Colditz.

Webcam pointing at the castle (German). Fast internet connection required.

Website of the Finnish hardrockband Colditz (both in Finnish and English).


Please let me know if you know a Colditz-related website which is not mentioned yet.