successful Dutch escapes from Colditz



the well in the park

Four of the six successful Dutch escapes started in the park from a disused well. The park was a fenced in piece of ground just behind the castle. The prisoners could visit the park only with heavy guarding; the court yard was too little for so many people. Needless to say that the park was an ideal starting point for escape attempts!


In the year 2000 I was able to visit the park for the first time. I found the well where more than 60 years ago four Dutch officers started their successful escape from Colditz. As a mark of honour I mention their names: Francis Steinmetz, Hans Larive, Cornelis Giebel and Oscar Drijber. The well is now filled up with earth but the cement edge and the iron bar are still there. Let's hope that this piece of history will be kept!


Officially the park is no public area but the museum intends in the near future to include the park in their tours. This well is worth to be seen!


In preparation: description of the six successful Dutch escapes from Colditz.